Microsoft XP SP2 (was Re: Lazy network operators - NOT)

Patches either need to be of a size that a dialup user doesn't have to
be dialed in for 24 hours to download and install them. Or .iso's
should be available for ISP's to download, turn into CD's and
distribute as appropriate. Wouldn't that be nice for a dialup user -
getting Windows Update on a CD-ROM from their ISP?

Amen to that. My mom lives in a small town with very spotty Internet
access. The fastest possible connection speed is 28.8 but her actual
connection is usually slower than that, probably thanks to the quality
of lines in the area. You wouldn't believe how long those patches take
to download over 28.8. In fact, I've given up on it because the phone
simply can't be tied up for that long and she's not going to get a
second line for the sole purpose of downloading MS patches.

Periodic Windows Update on a CD-ROM is a must-have until more of the
world has high-speed access.