Microsoft peering - no response

We have been trying to complete our peering with Microsoft at Equinix
Ashburn for over a month, keep getting the run-around, all we need is for
someone to complete the sessions on their end. Hopefully this will get to
someone that can do that. We are peered at several other IX locations
across the US already. Our ASN is 19754. Our side is already complete.

Just sent another email to peering_at_microsoft and got an undeliverable
email response.


Erich Kaiser
The Fusion Network

I know that one person at Microsoft for interconnection is no longer there. The other person I've been talking to has been silent as well.

I assume you found and used their peering request web form? I'm in exactly the same boat. Trying to get an additional set of sessions setup at Equinix Ashburn, used their form (twice) and have not even gotten the automated confirmation email the form says should be sent.

Yes had some correspondence with their peering dept, but then nothing...

Erich Kaiser
The Fusion Network
Office: 630-621-4804
Cell: 630-777-9291

I will directly connect you people who will respond. I used to work in this
team. Intros being made offlist

Thanks everyone. Problem was on our end and has been fixed.