Microsoft Job Poaching on NANOG

Is Microsoft trying to poach people off the NANOG list? IMHO this is inappropriate.


Since the message in question was not seen on the full list, it probably came from the MS event attendance list.

and they were quite open at the event about wanting contact details for recruitment purposes...


There's a lot more than just MS doing it after this NANOG, and it's damned annoying. I've had it happen over the years just a few times, but it's unprecedented this year, as far as I'm concerned (and did I mentioned damned annoying?).


That's why you don't tell people your info. It has predictable results like using telnet to access your stuff at NANOG. Don't tell me no one did it; although I never understood why they didn't just block tcp/23 to protect the crazy. :slight_smile:

Or did they, this year?