Microsoft Explains Site Access Issues

Since Microsoft's lawyers object to quoting statements
from their website, I'll paraphrase. You can read the
original at
for however long Microsoft leaves that page up.

Microsoft reports a Microsoft technician made a change to
a router (brand unknown :slight_smile: configuration disrupting traffic
to the subnet containing essentially all of Microsoft's
name servers. Microsoft classified the incident
as "operational error." Note: I'm happy Microsoft says
operational error, and not operator error. While there
are some true operator errors, there are usually other
factors involved and the operator just happened to be
the one found at the scene of the crash.

Microsoft also says the problem was not with any of their
or any third-parties products.

Wow, I didn't think I picked up the start of the outage that
fast, 6:30pm. I thought it would have been building for
at least a few hours. After 22.5 hours, Microsoft removed
the change from the router's configuration, and saw an

Hopefully, I'll receive a response to my inquiry to the
msnnoc last night soon.