Anyone aware of an attack on I had a customer
machine that was attacking it, looks like either a bug in Microsoft's
SP4 (coincidentally this started the day after this was installed) or
there's some new(?) worm of some sort causing this ??


Yeah, seeing the same here - it's been flaky for us for the last 30
minutes while we've been trying it.

I wonder if it's related to this / admin@ thing that's all
over the place today.

I was just thinking the other day, wouldn't it be funny if there was a
worm that had infected machines attack so you
couldn't patch? :slight_smile: I haven't confirmed that this is the problem, but it
seems likely.

Adam Maloney
Systems Administrator
Sihope Communications

I wouldn't put it past Microsoft to make a patch so poorly written, it would
actually cause all patched machines to attack the mothership.


Adam Maloney wrote: