MFS WorldCom/WilTel/LDDS

We have a user who has been doing this for around 3 months now.
They have a setup as follows: T1-cisco-Unix-cisco-LAN. The Unix box
works as a programmable router for the T1 traffic. When someone
started running 5 concurrent ping -f sessions, saturating the T1
line with ping packets, the Unix box was instructed to take the ping
traffic and move it to a buffer and freeze it there for 4 seconds
and then let it move onward. This caused the pings to slow down.
He has it now set with different buffer sizes and different freeze
periods for different protocols i.e. telnet gets 0 time in the
freezer whereas http can go up to 540kb/sec and anything over that
the pkts start getting put in the buffer-freezer. Since they pay
per GB to IBM for their Internet capacity they have used this box as
a method to limit traffic during peak hours.