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From: (Rob Gutierrez)
Date: Apr 30, 9:56
Subject: MFS buys UUNET.
> As somebody mentioned today, an AP wire story came across this morning
> that MFS is _buying_ UUNET for $2 billion....

Many months ago, it was explained to me in great detail why Sprint, et. al.,
liked peering at MFS exchange points (because MFS is a neutral party, ie.
not an NSP) and didn't like hearing about exchange points run by NSPs or ISPs
(as some of the smaller regional points are).

Any comment from the larger NSPs about what this does to that theory?

-matthew kaufman

  One would have to wonder about Sprints position in light of its
  roles as ISP (SprintLink, GlobalOne) a Telco with an NSF award
  for Internet Services (ICM) and as an NSF NAP awardee (SprintNAP).

  If they can do it w/o conflict of interest, then I'm sure that
  uuMFSMnet can do the same.