MEF certifications recommendations?

Hi all,

As our organization has matured, we've discovered the joy of speaking the
same carrier ethernet languages as our vendors and as such we're going
through a process of aligning our service-offerings with MEF-centric

Anyone out there taken any MEF-certification training programs and had a
good enough experience to recommend one to us?

I'm looking for two types of training-- one for the customer-facing folks
and one for the engineering folks.

We're in Seattle, so local recommendations or nationally-know
recommendations are preferred.



The MEF puts out a list of accredited providers -

Not sure if any are local to Seattle however.

For me personally, when I studied for the CE 1.0 and CE 2.0 tests, I just
read the book that Jon Kieffer and Ralph Santitoro from Fujitsu wrote.
Would recommend this for any of your staff that already have a solid
understanding of the technical parts of CE. Easy read and aligns well with
the test.