Meeting stats from SF

May 23-25, 2004
San Francisco, CA

Host: CNET

Attendees: 584 (up from 488 at NANOG30)
NAPs represented: 12
Asia, Pacific, Africa: 19
South, Central America: 1
Europe: 23
Countries represented: 12

Largest simultaneous # of
  wireless users: 375
Concurrent RealMedia viewers: up to 72
Meeting coordination: Merit
IPsec, Squid, DNS, DHCP: The Measurement Factory
Multicast: University of Oregon

Sponsors: Switch and Data, IP Networks, 365 Main,
              Cloudshield, Alcatel, Arbor, Cariden, Cisco,
              Internap, Juniper, Laurel, Packet Design, Redback, Seranoa