meeting agenda

......... Sean Donelan is rumored to have said:
] >Hello Alan - Here's a PARTIAL list of presentations we've planned so far:
] inform just those users affected why things aren't working. Any
] chance of wedging a "user information" field into the IPng ICMP
] destination unreachable message? It would be nice to tell the
] user in the ICMP message: "Beep BOOP BEEP, We're sorry your
] packet could not be delivered as addressed due to a ...." Instead

  Cool! I could really dig that. Pop the tcp stack to jive on a
  message, and the hubs and routers could determine the cause...
  Very nice. My telnet throws back a message via icmp that the site
  is unreachable becuase they don't know how to subnet and flap too
  much.. :wink:

  Still doesn't change the fact that IPv6 will never solve any real

] Since the 'net as a whole doesn't fail that often, but pieces
] of the 'net fail frequently, in-band notification isn't as crazy
] an idea as it seems.

  Hmm, how about this, any 'decent' ISP engages in a 'subscription'
  broadcast system, where each sites web site was decorated with a
  dynamic list of all significant outages? And if we, Global
  Internet/MIDnet go south, a nifty little modem dials up to DRA or
  MCI and spouts out our problem description, and this propogates to
  the group. I don't know the best way to make it happen, but I do
  think with some discussion and brainstorming we could make it
  work. Jonathon Heiliger (MFS) and I have been working on a draft
  of such a thing, and would appreciate some input.

] Any thoughts how to turn this into a presentation topic?

  This is a good way. Let's see if others are interested. I'll see
  you in San Diego, and if nothing else, let's sit down and talk.