Media converter vendors - GFP/EoSDH

Hello there,

Any recommendations for Ethernet-SDH/SONET media converter vendors?



What speeds SONET are you looking to map your Ethernet on to?

RAD makes some products.

We use BIT Systems 2.5G Muxponders to map 2xGE to OC48. Works well.

We also have some ADTRAN Opti-6100 units using Ethernet mappers.

Huawei, Tejas, BTI, ECI, Tejas, all come to mind on the lower price scale.


MRV makes some nicely priced options. I have used them for years with no

Hello Clayton,

We are mainly looking for OC3, however OC12 and OC48 support -on multirate
ports- will be a plus of course...

Hello Mark,

Do you know anything about their MEF compliance? which of them is capable
of working in carrier-grade large scale environment?


products in URL below may be of interest to you.


All the ones I've mentioned seem to have some kind of CE 2.0 compliance.

How true it is I'm not really sure. I only use Cisco and Juniper for my
Carrier Ethernet deployments.

All those vendors have Carrier Ethernet support in their transport gear,
but it will usually be based on simple 802.1Q or MPLS-TP at the most. If
you want an IP/MPLS control plane, you'd need to look at their router
offerings, for those that have.