Measuring packet loss and Latency Between eastern Europe and north america

I have a customer in eastern Europe accessing a SAAS application hosted in one of Azure’s north America datacenters. for the past few days every morning between 3am and 6am est performance slows to crawl. This is person is like 8am to 11am locally so they cant get much done.

The local ISP is providing 100mbps up/down.

So far speed test to Saas providers speed test page is slow 0.02mbps down 6 mbps up to north American ISPs like Verizon in New York slow

Speedtest to servers in Easter europe 100 up 100 down

Traceroutes/MTR dont help because a lot of hops seem to drop icmp packets

Need a tool or service that can detect packet loss/latency between provider in eastern europe and a north american service provider. Any help is appreciated

We use Ping Plotter for similar analysis which may help you.

Don’t forget you can use any port/protocol for MTR and traceroute, which is basically all the fancy apps will do, just automatically.

$ mtr -T -P 443

This will send 443 tcp syn packets that should bypass icmp filtering or rate limiting. Note this does not help if icmp responses are rate limited at intermediate hops, but then again, nothing would.

As always, our good friend MANuel is here to help:



Turn out to be an issue with our primary ISP