So who actually measures their network performance and how?

We use a traffic flow monitoring system from Kaspia Systems.
( The Kaspia product collects all sorts of data from router
ports and RMON probes, stores the data and performs various trend analysis.
We collect traffic flow, router CPU usage and router memory information plus
various errors. There is a data reduction process which runs once a day,
and a very nifty web interface. The product isn't cheap, but the system
definitely fills a void here.

Maybe I should organize a talk on what we're doing with it for an upcoming
NANOG? As an old instrumentation engineer, I think the basis of our use of
the tool is pretty solid. Plus, I actually developed a means for
calibration of the accuracy of the flow data. Haven't had time yet to work
out a validation for the trends, but I'll get to it one of these decades.

Also, the Kaspia people will give you a thirty day trial on their product at
no charge.


Bill McCauley