MCI/Worldcom fiber cut in NY?

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John Fraizer wrote:
> Bullet proof, YES. Waterproof, Doubtful.

Sure you can, make it so that it's at least several hundred feet above sea
level, and not in a flood plain.

Or in a submarine... great way for the gov't to earn extra money by
converting its SSBNs.

Pros include:

  * High survivability even in the midst of tactical nuclear strikes
  * Totally indepedent power source that will last years without the
    need to replenish fuel... DC power generally available
  * Heightened security... the facility is always at DEFCON 2
  * Excellent heat dissipation
  * 24x7 on-site NOC

Cons include:

  * Cramped quarters... routers must fit inside either 21" torpedo
    tubes or SLBM silos
  * All equipment must comply with increased noise abatement rules
  * Access to the facility accomplished via helo or underwater
    insertion through the diving trunk.
  * Potential for your equipment to be "accidently" ejected
  * Very slow low bandwidth circuit availability via ELF
  * On-site staff generally very grumpy after their 3 month "shift"