MCI to market MSN

MCI and Microsoft will now be building networks together, MCI ditching
Netscape and starting to sell Microsoft network access tools & pushing

From the local rag news paper:

"MCI, Microsoft to jointly market on-line services

WASHINGTON -- MCI Communications Corp., switching its Internet Strategy,
said it will team up with Microsoft Corp. to jointly market and develop
services for the burgeoning on-line industry"

The story later goes on to say:

"MCI will promote Microsoft Network, the No. 4 U.S. on-line service, and
sell Microsoft's Internet software through its SHL Systemhouse unit"

Interesting, No?


Interesting considering: MCI and News Corp. have an agreement to jointly
develop/promote InternetMCI and Delphi. And UUNET and Microsoft have an
agreement to provide Internet access/MSN dialup.

Wonder if this sort of thing is anything like the cable/telco/media
"interactive TV" alliances of a year or two ago?

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Yes, especially given that now after taking a new order for an additional
T-1 line to the MCI backbone they are all of a sudden "reevaluating" their
position with regard to selling to resellers and not processing the order...