MCI refusing to turn up OC-3 due to katrina relief efforts?

Howdy, has anyone heard of MCI putting orders on hold in order to help
with the Katrina relief effort? We ordered an OC-3 from them about 2
months ago and they've missed the install deadline 4 times now. The
reseller we're working with said that they claim that they can't turn it
up due to Katrina relief efforts. The local loop is installed and the
port is connected, they just cant turn the order up.

Has anyone else heard this or should I assume (as usual) the reseller is
BS'ing me?


that would be very uncharacteristic of MCI to do that,
and they do have a katria team down in that area
working on restoring all services.

Your client would know via his sales rep what the
implementation team is doing and pressures would be
brought to deal with that kind of problem, I think
someone is clowning you


Better get this resolved this week - next week the MCI crew will be busy
with the Rita relief effort. :slight_smile:

I was told they had four levels of priority. The first is TSP [cf.
<URL:>]. The second is non-TSP government and
emergency service stuff [that probably would have been TSP had they
thought about it]. I don't remember what the third and fourth levels
are, but I assume that's where you are.

Since it took them days to get to some of the TSP sites, the rest must
be queued up back there.

It's also possible that your reseller is giving you a runaround, or that
there is some problem with the usually smooth interworking of competing
carrier companies [tongue firmly in cheek], or both.