MCI outage? (Telephone too, problems reaching PacBell)

All of our circuits that require connectivity between MCI and PacBell are
out (in the San Jose area). I'm hearing that it's a major MCI outage,
possibly even global or at least regional. We're experiencing telephone
outages as well, for example people with PacBell 'local long distance' can't
reach our MCI voice lines either.

  Anybody know anything?

Same here but I am in Verizon territory. I can't reach any numbers on MCI.

David Schwartz wrote:

We were told an hour or so ago that there was a fiber cut affecting "three loops between Battery and Spacepark". Repair crews on the way, no ETR.

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While investigating the reason for a "no such domain" bounce for a message
bound for, I found that has no records in the gTLD
servers. Furthermore, neither does Amgen's registrar, Has
that registrar gone out of business and taken their customer domains with

If so, isn't VeriSign and/or ICANN supposed to pick up the slack? Or is
just a coinkydink?

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Worldcom (MCI) lost its lines to the Spacepark CO. Spacepark is one
of those 100 "important" COs. So connectivity between regional Worldcom
customers and the rest of the country may be impacted, but the rest of
the country/globe is unaffected.

ns{1,2} have valid A records in the root (
it appears that is a cname to
i notice that their SOA serial is 20011012.
on the other hand, whois
(or for bsd'ers, whois -h returns
apparently valid information.

it's almost as if the "NS" records for is missing from the
root/gtls servers (although the "A" records for ns{1,2} are in there)?

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it's almost as if the "NS" records for is missing from the
root/gtls servers (although the "A" records for ns{1,2} are in there)?

That's because ns[12] are registered hosts, no doubt used by
other domains whose registrants have paid their bills on time.

You do seem to know the right people to speak to. Everyone I spoke to either
said, "we did publish the wrong 800 number on some of our bills, is that what
you're asking about? Or is that corrections facility that can't make collect
calls? I know all about that?" or "Yeah, there's a problem somewhere in
California, but I don't know what, where, or whether there's a ticket

  Anyway, our affected circuits (fortunately for us, just 2 T1s and some voice
lines) are back.


I'm not really sure where the TAC 800s route through - but a large service outage in San Jose is just important enough to let the group know about - just in case a customer says TAC was down today...

REPEAT: As far as I know, Cisco wasn't impacted by this, but just in case....

Frank J