MCI and SprintLink are partitioned (fwd)


Hans-Werner Braun writes:

. Are there routing stability reports accessible online from the RA
   (or whoever else feels responsible for this) that graph fluctuations
   at the NAPs, including correlation among them? What are the quality
   metrics for routing stability?

Every 15 minutes each route server sends 5 ping packets to each of
its peers. The Routing Arbiter has been collecting this information
as each route server was installed and established peering sessions.
The processed data and proto-type reports were planned to be
announced next week. Look for the announcement sometime early next

In addition, the route servers record the number of BGP updates
received from each peer. These reports will also be available
sometime next week.

We have Bill Norton to thank for setting up the process to gather
the data and Dun Liu to thank for processing the data and creating
the reports.

. Are the NAP and RA regular reports to NSF publicly (hopefully via
   the Web) available?

The RA's annual report and plan for the 2nd year are available
on the web: