MCI Accepts Worldcom's Bid?

With this merger, approximately 80% of the Internet will now be controlled
by Wcom or it's companys.. wondering when an anti-trust suit will be


Anti trust? You gotta be kidding. Its not quite that level just
yet. Afterall, there is still AT&T, Sprint, BBN/GTE, AGIS, DIGEX, and
many others. Not to mention those outside the "big name list". Its not
even close to anti trust. If the business practices become
anti-competitive, perhaps. But for the deal itself, I think anti-trust
is overstating things.

Yes but also take in consideration that Worldcomm has obatained more Fiber
companies that Internet providers. It looks like an even count but
consider that MCI has their own fiber. MFS was for fiber, Wiltel for
fiber, and so on. I'd say they have quite a large chunck there.