Mbone receivers

anyone on the mbone have a moment or two to help test multicast
connectivity in preparation for nanog in Eugene? preferrably,
dvrmp/mbone and native mcast.

i am sourcing some video in a session called 'heasley test'. the path
is behind AS2914 to AS10888 for dvrmp. native for those who we
mbgp with at paix, pennsauken, or ames mix's.

Session Name: heasley test
  Description: testing native mc
  Group:, ttl: 0, Contiguous allocation: 1
  Lifetime: from 18:00:00 UTC May 15 1999 until 18:00:00 UTC May 18 1999
  Uptime: 02:50:31, Last Heard: 00:04:05
  Announcement source:, destination:
  Created by: heas 3135780259 3135780345 IN IP4 pita.shrubbery.net
  Phone number: heasley 503-641-6313
  Email: heasley <heas@shrubbery.net>
  Media: video 57672 RTP/AVP 31
    Media group:, ttl: 127


Have you tried the SDR monitor: