Maybe OT-Qwest DSL

Hi, it's me again, Frank Rizzo. Earlier today, Susan E. Harris, PhD
revoked my posting privs for doing the unheard of: discussing personal
matters on this list. I've helped Jane out of a jam or two due to her
inability to use, so I figured now would be a good time
to repay the favor.

"Christopher J. Wolff" wrote:
  > I just had a Qwest DSL tech tell me to go f--- myself.

On behalf of my friends at Global Crossing and Qwest, I'd like to
request that you do so, and spare us the details.

As for the conduct unbecoming a Qwest official you experienced today,
I'd like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to you and yours. Run, don't
walk, to the PUC and let them know just how badly you were mistreated.

Frank Rizzo

Hi, it's me again, Frank Rizzo.

give us a break, children, would ya?