Maybe OT: MPLS QOS SLA Monitoring

Afternoon from sunny London.

Feel free to let me know if there's another resource for this kinda thing,
and I'll leave you to have fun reading about mail relays.

I'm currently looking at what the possibilities are for monitoring network
activity and SLAs against Cisco QOS mechanisms within VRFs. The most
desirable method seems to be using NetFlow collectors, though it seems as
though the benchmark for this is NetFlow 9, and I'm not sure if it's
terribly well deployed on NetFlow collectors out there. Anyone know if it
*is* well implemented for a given product? Or even if there's just a better

Cheers, and apologies if this meets somebody's definition of spam.


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My knee jerk response was to suggest that flow-tools[1] can handle v9 output, but now that I look closer, it doesn't appear to. What you're talking about wouldn't be *too* difficult to implement externally, you just need some way to connect your SLA metrics to your aggregate flows for violation checks.

If you're perl-ish, the flow-tools kit + dplonka's toys should give you what you're after with some implementation fu.

- billn