Market Share of broadband provider in Scandidavia

Could anyone point me to a market-share by-country overview of broadband provider in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland). Any help would be appreciated.


Ovum use to do reports on European ISP market share, I think it covered
Scandinavia (I don't think we worried too much given that the entire
population of Scandinavia is about the same as greater London, we were
focused on larger countries - by population - mostly).

Included best guess at future changes at the time as well.

The report wasn't cheap, but the people I was working with just bought large
chunks of such intelligence in order to assess big investment decisions.

For Sweden, you can go to, more exactly <>.

They publish both in Sweden and English as far as I can discern.

PTS is the regulatory entity in Sweden for Telecommunications (and Post, but that's beside the point here :slight_smile: ).

For Finland, from ~same govertment body:

Or direct URL to the PDF itself:

Page 9 should answer your question.