March is Severe Weather Month - Plan Ahead for Disasters

Network operators are involved in most weather disasters.

March is Severe Weather Month in the U.S. The National Weather Service and many states use severe weather month to encourage public planning and preparedness.

Remember, your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Applie Siri smart speakers, smart TVs, and smart assistants won't practively warn you about emergency alerts or weather warnings. Amazon Alexa will tell you about weather warnings, but only when you ask about the weather.

The FEMA National Advisory Council published its recommendations for Modernizing the Nation's Public Alert and Warning System, which included adding alerts to new technologies.

"Ensure people can receive and understand geo-targeted IPAWS messages in numerous ways, including social media, mobile aps, automotive GPS units, driverless cars and intelligent in-home automated systems (e.g., Smart Speakers)."

I also have some suggestions for Wireless Emergency Alerts, in case any Apple iOS or Google Android developers are reading.

1. Improving the WEA Imminent Threat Class and Categories
2. Redefining the Child Abduction Emergency/AMBER class
3. Do Not Disturb WEA Behavior for Less Severe Alerts
4. Revising Sample WEA Options Menu
5. Default WEA class names for mobile device user interfaces