Marc, care to respond?

I agree that in fact it seems that Go daddy followed their procedures to the letter as they are supposed to do. The gentlemen in “The President’s office” was very concise in his assessment of the issue, AND his repeated attempts to take the issue home to closure. I used to work for a guy that ran a datacenter in a similar way, and had to make calls on his behalf to carriers to plead my case, after emails to the principle went unanswered. I can feel the pain that Marc was under in his pleas, and hope that I have never been so whiney, or belligerent with my carriers. After reading his home page I see there is a bit of leaning towards aggrandizement, so with a balance to all: Marc would you care to respond now that our feet are out of the fire? The repeated use of the phrase that an entire datacenter is turned off is rather distressing, given that all that was turned off where the links to the primary name servers? We operate in a datacenter, and provide name services to our clients. Often, we have to shut down, remove from network, a non-managed server, that is spewing crap. Usually we are the ones to discover this, but if our carriers report this, we have to respond quickly, that is the business we are all in. Marc, are you the technical contact for the domain, or a customer? If you are the technical contact, I hope that you will be more careful, or make your email the primary technical contact for the domain. If you are just a friend, and I am guessing customer, for this domain, RUN… I use Go daddy, and the same procedures that you where trying to circumvent, are the same procedures that they would have gone through to notify the POC.

Mark D. Bodley

Senior Partner,

Cyrix Systems