MAPS Zone Changes

The MAPS domain hosting agreement with Vixie Enterprises has expired and will not be renewed. Accordingly, domain names ending in the old MAPS.VIX.COM suffix will shortly become invalid.

As of 30 April 2001, all users of the MAPS RBL<sm> or DUL<sm> must use MAPS' native servers to continue their service. Please change any configurations and/or any documentation you are responsible for to the following zones:

Was: Should be:
Was: Should be:

There are no changes required for the RSS<sm> ( or RBL+ (

Please note that RBL+ queries are only permitted via subscription as are zone transfers of RBL and RBL+. The MAPS RSS <sm> and MAPS DUL<sm> will continue to be available for normal queries, but full zone transfers will be secured and available only by subscription in the near future.

Please write to for the appropriate contracts if you are interested in subscribing to these services.

I see both the new domains as having SOA/NS entries out there
already. Are they in fact 'ready for business', so those of use
using DNS lookup should start converting now?

Just double-checking before I build a new kit for distribution
to all our machines (having a canned configuration for everybody
is both a blessing and a curse :wink:

        Valdis Kletnieks
        Operating Systems Analyst
        Virginia Tech

Absolutely, the new zones have been in place and in use for quite some time.

Yes - I've been using both of them for almost a year now.