MAPS changes

Ok, let's put a cork in it--we have more important things to do.

Here is my final puclic say on the matter--I'll answer specific questions in
private email, if I've made grievous error I'll acknowledge it here.

> We are sort of minimalist when it comes to modifying mainstream code, so
> I betting we got it of the box and plugged it. But that would have been
> on my watch, and I don't remember for sure.

You have to build a configuration file for sendmail, and there are no
defaults that work out of the box. When I built my config file, I went
through the documentation saying "yes, I will take that feature, and that
one, ..." and one of them was the DNS RBL interface. In another message
you mention that you use HP's sendmail so I have no idea how that process
works, but I rarely use any vendor's shipping version of important code
like BIND, sendmail, ssh, etc as they are almost always out of date.

Seems like I've already answered this somewhere--briefly, this is wrong.
By the time I get through doing a cold install-plus-patches to H-PUX 11.0,
BIND, Sendmail and so forth are up, up-to-date, and running.

I'll remind (or inform) y'all that this is actually the second time this
calendar year that MAPS did this. We found out quite by accident that
the servers (which are in the H-PUX distribution) were about to
be shut down.

Then a month or two later, seems likem, they did the exact same thing
again except this time in order to play we have to (in the first week of
the new fiscal year) go hat-in-hand to beg for money to keep going.
(Yes, I know, they have since said something about "free" if we sign
some kind of contract. I'd rather beg for money, than get such a contract
signed in my lifetime.)

Let's go back to work.