MAPS Changes

>But in the meantime, I am going to allege that the default .cf
>that HP sends with H-PUX 10.20 and 11.0 has it in it.

Blame your vendor, not the software author, then.

Don't really think I was blaming anybody, exactly. The topic drift
is pretty fierce here, and I won't play IsaidShesaidYousaid with anybody--
but I think the point somebody was trying to make was that MAPS is
deeply embedded in the world (probably aided, abetted and assisted by
people close to MAPS) and that yanking MAPS support out from under
that base could have been expected to have "unanticipated" consequences.

I think I also tried to say that it might have been possible to give
better warning, and enlisted the assistance of a friendly community
instead of opening fire on them.

And if that is too inflamatory, I'm sorry, and I'm tired.

Again, the OP implied some sinister conspiracy to incorporate the
dnsbl code into sendmail defaults where none exists. If you are
blindly doing what $VENDOR tells you to do without actually knowing
the results and consequences of those actions, I'd like to become
your vendor. :slight_smile:

If I implied "sinister" [1] or "conspiracy" I'm sorry--I did not mean
to do that. I meant to explicitly say there were missed opportunities,
bad planning, poor planning, no planning, and a PR effort that was not
even wrong.

We have more important things to be doing.

[1] that is actually unlikely, since my left-handed friends tend to
bruise me badly when I do that.