Management , Provisioning , Fault detection and management for ISPs?


I´m looking for some books, best common pratices and stuff like that for
ISPs. We have an ISP that´s having a fast growth and we´re having some
problems because lack of procedures.
For an example two days ago we have a broadcast storm that coused a lot of
problem and was harsh to find who is causing that issue , couse one of our
clients made a self install ( not authorized in one of our multipoint access
point) and somehow caused a loop. we have some types of circuit delivery to
our customers like point to point licensed microwave , t1/e1 , fiber optic,
and point to multipoint wireless.

How you large ISPs deal with that kind of problem or that´s never happen
becouse all your circuits are delivered in a private vlan, qinq, serial
interfaces, point to point ?