Major Level3 Issues

Just had major outages on our Level3 connections across the country. (LA,

Anyone have any news / updates which can be shared?

Looks like AT&T and XO had loss of connectivity to Level3?

Thank you!


Best I have is from their portal:

The IP NOC reports that a module failed on a device in Chicago, IL causing additional impact to IP services across Multiple Markets. The IP NOC has confirmed that the module initially failed and recovered prior to manual intervention. A short time later, the module failed again, restored of its own accord and continued to bounce thereafter. Services have since been restored and stable as of approximately 23:54 GMT. The equipment vendor is being engaged to assist in isolation efforts to determine a root cause and the IP NOC is continuing to monitor at this time.

We rerouted away majority traffic from Level 3 and will leave it till late tonight or early morning. We experienced two major blips tonight.