Major IX bandwidth sharing

Hello Nanog-ers,

We are looking for a company that has >=100G connectivity to major IX-es (AMS-IX, DE-CIX preferred) with traffic asymmetry/heavy outgoing traffic, willing to resell incoming fraction n*10G/1*100G IX-only IP transit.
Our company develops custom Anti-DDoS solution on PC platform ( and we want to collocate 1U scrubbing node.

Please contact me off list for more details.

Thank you.

Interesting to see how the idea is gaining traction


If you want cheaper price just ask any TIER-1 provider for link with commit
10ge and burst up to 100GE. It will be definitely cheaper and simpler than
your "magic" with IX cost reduction.


I'm sure in this case they will pay for 100G every month, not for 10-20G :wink:

If they could offer 95th percentile usage no more than commit they should
pay only for it. But actually it depends on certain carrier and certain
agreement conditions.

I'm sure you can get 1gb on 10gbit burst. 4gb on 40G burst is also pretty
achievable in a single location. But there are very few places where you'll
get a 10G on 100G burst line. Even if they are willing to give it to you,
you'll probably have to commit to more than 10% of the port size

They fight with DDoS, so it means every month 95% traffic will be full 100G.

Not to mention the sharer's traffic will be impacted by said DoS...


Nice addition. That's additional risks for company which want to share
capacity :slight_smile:

I assume they are looking for some one that has a lot of upstream content.