Major fiber cut in Tyson's Corner area

For what it's worth:

I just heard on the local news that 3 fiber optic cables, as well as
one large copper bundle was cut in the Tyson's Corner area (Northern
Virginia). No idea what impact it may have on net traffic, although one
fiber strand was reported as belonging to MCI.

For those who may not know, MAE-East is in the Tysons Corner vicinity.

- paul

Oh. The one thing I forgot to mention is that the
local news reported it as a "major local telephone outage".

- paul

Rode by the mess yesterday on my motorcycle.
It is actually happened on Old Chain Bridge Road in McLean, VA, about 2-3
miles from MAE-EAST, near the CO there.
I live 2 blocks from MAE-EAST in Tysons Corner.
There was no impact on my T1 from Goodnet or phone service from Bell Atlantic.

The news this morning was the fiber was fixed and working on the copper now.