Mails to Google being blocked for illegal attachments


Since Sep 7 Google has bounced a specific type of our mails with this

host[] said: 552-5.7.0 Our system
detected an illegal attachment on your message. Please 552-5.7.0 visit to 552 5.7.0
review our attachment guidelines. z4si211085bkd.116 (in reply to end of
DATA command)

The only attachment is a gif image so it seems that Googles check is
wrong. Has anyone experienced this issue, or has any helpful contact
information to Google? I have checked
ml and called these numbers, but they were not able to help me.

Jörgen Nilsson


Have you reported it through their support pages? The one you're
after is probably:

Generally, checking is
the first place to go with GMail issues if you're not an Apps
customer; they have a link to reporting problems at the bottom.
Though if you're not an Apps customer (or can't find one to report the
issue on your behalf as not receiving e-mails from you), I wouldn't
hold out too much hope for a response from it.

Do let us know how you solve the problem in the end.


my guess is that maybe the Image have bean built using a Non licensed version of Adobe fotoshop or some other software
the US embassy refused it for me cause of that.

Yeah.. +1 reasons not to use Google Aps..


Thank you for reply. I have reported it there yesterday. No response

I also tried to send the same mail without the attached gif image, so it
seems to be something else that triggers the error message.


So, to be clear, sending the message without the image attachment also bounced?