Mailman reverting settings

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone ever seen Mailman revert to an old user list? This morning we
had out lists VM pounded on from India and hung the box. After blocking
the ip on our firewall and rebooting the hung vm, everything came back up
except 1 list. The list appears to have reverted to old settings. I found
the config.pck file and it does not have the current settings in it. This
has happened once before. The box is running Ubuntu 10.04 and Mailman
2.1.13. Anyone know what would cause this and how to fix it? We are
working to try a file level restore from a backup.


1. The mailman-users list is here:

2. Blocking one IP address is not usually sufficient.
If you don't need email from India (or any other country for
that matter) to reach that list, then you should block the
entire country from that VM. See for lists.


What hung the box? Core dump? Filled up var?


I received a couple offlist replies. To answer Phil's questions, iptables
appeared to have spiked the cpu to 100% and caused it to overload and
become unresponsive. Var was lot filled up to my knowledge.

An offlist reply suggested that if the config.pck file gets corrupted, then
mailman will revert to using an old config.db file. After doing a file
level restore of the appropriate config.pck file, the list returned to