Mailing list for discussion of Internet technical issues

Is there a mailing list where folks can discuss actual Internet
networking and routing issues?

Is there one where I can watch for reports of various major outages or
SNAFUs on the 'net?

Is there one where I may be able to get in contact with various powers
that be around the 'net to discuss how we may all work together to
stabilize and improve service for our customers?

Darn, I thought this was that mailing list...

Recommended reading for all those continuing to discuss the legal issues
of SPAM and the RBL as well as the fallout from those discussions which
seems to have deteriorated to adolescent playground bickering:

Please take this discussion elsewhere, folks!!!!

It could be this mailing list if someone else would take over the mailing
list management duties from Merit and then apply Fidonet style moderation

For the benefit of thoise of you who did not pass through Fidonet on the
way to the Internet, the main rules of Fidonet discussion groups, called
echoes or echomail, were as follows:

      Do not be excessively annoying.

      Do not be excessivel annoyed.

Anyone could join an echo and if they got out of line, then an echo
moderator (not the same as an Internet mailing list moderator) would send
them a private message asking them to stick to the topic and follow the
rules. Then if the individual persisted in their annoying or off-topic
behavior, they would be barred from the echo. They could be blocked from
posting or they could be blocked entirely at the moderator's choice.

Now, if you think this through carefully, this type of moderation role
does not require excessive time commitments from the moderator. They would
just read the discussions and react if someone gets out of line. SOmetimes
they would receive a private message asking them to pay attention to the
activities of a certain individual. But because of the two rules of
Fidonet, you could not pester a moderator or you would get kicked out
yourself. So the moderator job was not a major burden.

I think that this list would benefit from having such a moderator. But
because of the terminology confusion, I think that we should use a
different name for that role.

So far this doesn't explain why we need to take the list duties away from
Merit. I may be wrong about this but I sense a great reluctance among most
Americans to prevent someone from posting to a mailing list. This seems to
be partially a cultural trait caused by misunderstanding of what the 1st
Ammendment means. And partially a fear of being sued since in the American
court system, the winner of such a lawsuit may still be stuck with a legal

There are two ways to solve the problem. One way is to have a Canadian
organization manage this North American mailing list. Canadians are more
willing to shut up a disruptive individual since we have no cultural
tradition of free speech. And if you sue someone in a Canaduian court and
lose the suiyt, then you pay all legal costs for the person that you
launched the suit against.

The other way is to have someone with more guts run the list. I can't
blame the Merit folks for being gutless because they do operate within
UMich and it is hard for an academic institution to act on this issue
because of the legal risks and because of academic traditions of freedom.
Private companies have the legal staff to advise them on how to minimize
their risk. An example is the RBL which is run by a private individual
because it is beneficial to him. But he shares it with others as well.

Do not be too easily annoyed.

Excellent thoughts. Thanks, Michael.

-- jra