Mailing List (1999)

Not to jump too hard, but a whole lot of people agreed that spam was not
usually a topic of interest on NANOG. So if you won't post spam to Nanog,
I won't point out how flawed the anti-spam methods are, nor will I be
tempted to explain why anti-spam methods eventually backfire on network


Has anyone else received email similar to this? I haven't got the headers
yet because this was forwarded to me by management. isn't
listed in InterNIC but there are similar domain names. I don't want to
contact or complain about the wrong organization or people. Replies to
me only by email, unless this is some massive UCE campaign, please.

Maybe they have already been shutdown by their provider?

Date: 1/9/99 5:27:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Subject: Mailing List (1999)


Please forgive the intrusion.

Your email address is on a list that we purchased.

Realizing that these lists are often compiled without your knowledge this

is our attempt to clean this list before we begin mailing. It is not an
attempt to verify that your email address is valid. We use an automated
mail system that deletes undeliverable email (invalid addresses).

Since you are reading this email we already know your address is valid.

If you DO NOT want to receive mail reply with "REMOVE" in the subject


Please make sure remove is in subject line or mail software will delete

your reply.

Mail is not read so yelling, screaming or sending threats will not get you

on remove list.

Only the word "REMOVE" will work.

You will be placed on our remove list and not receive any email from us


We DO NOT want anybody on our list to receive email that does not want to

be there.

If you are one of the small group of people who believe that you have the

right to decide what email everyone on the internet should receive, and are
going to email every organization you can find to request that you not
receive any more email from us, then please remember to include us in your
mailing with "REMOVE" in the subject. Otherwise you will have wasted a lot
of people's time and still receive email from us.

Thank you all for understanding.


Bob Beaudoin
Webmaster MegaSuccess

This Message was Composed by a user of Automated E- Mail Software. If
you wish to be removed from this advertiser's future mailings, please


Spam ISN'T on-topic for NANOG.

And I wish people would stop posting spam reports here.

SPAM-L and{email|sighting} exist for the discussion
of spam, as do some other organization-specific newsgroups and mailing lists.