Mail best practices?

Without going to a dedicated list for something like this, I'm looking for a
common sense approach.

Sep 3 17:55:20 XXX sendmail[155]: r83Lse37000155: rejecting commands from [] due to pre-greeting traffic

Sep 3 17:55:22 XXX sendmail[156]: r83Lsg6N000156: rejecting commands from [] due to pre-greeting traffic

Isn't this sort of thing supposed to be frowned upon still? I am not trying
to name & shame here, but I figured this is a pretty big/respectable email

Thoughts for balancing sensible network spam management with sensible best
practices that affect lots of users?

Thanks in advance,


What's your greet pause set to?


hello Team

Could someone please advice as some of sender are unable to send mails to my server when i check the logs i found

2013-09-05 20:31:32 SMTP connection from ( [xx.xx.xx.xx] lost while reading message data (header)



Hi Lee,

Smells like path MTU. The connection died at what is probably the
first time in the SMTP session that the remote system tried to send
you a large, probably 1500 byte packet: the beginning (message header)
part of the data portion (the email message headers and body
themselves, as opposed to the sender and recipient declarations).

This is not the only candidate cause, but that's what my mind jumps
to. Try adjusting the TCP Maximum Segment Size on your server. Turn it
down to 1200 or so and see if the problem vanishes. If so, somebody's
losing ICMP packets.

Bill Herrin

William<br/><br/>Thanks for advice i will adjust and get update the status<br/><br/>Sent from Yahoo! Mail for iPhone