MAE-West is up again (Sun's & Alphas)


I publically apologize for the misunderstanding. I was sure that
you told me, yourself, the NSF funded your first trip to the Soviet Union,
and that your were very appreciative, considering you had earned
your doctorate in a subject related to that part of the country
and had not had a chance to visit that beautiful part of the world.

As I recall, our entire private conversation was, in some form of
fashion, about my concerns about ethics, commercialization, US taxpayer
funds, and the NSF as it relates to the Internet, (a subject that
I have been known to be critical and introspective). Your gratitude
and kind words to the NSF came up in the converstation, as I recall.

It seems, as you are pointing out, that my recollection of events
is distorted or perhaps foggy. Thank you for kind reply. Again,
I offer my deepest apologies for associating you with my interest
in how the NSF distributes US taxpaper dollars.

On the other hand, it is unusual for me to recall such an enjoyable
conversation so vividly and make such a mistake. Hmmmm.
Sorry for misrepresenting what I perceived was an accurate
recollection of an interesting and lively discusssion.

Keep up the good work and enjoy the beautiful sights of Asia!
I'm considering trekking in Tibet in June myself, if this old
tendon in my foot ever heals from 150 miles/week in-line skating.

Best Regards,