MAE-West is up again (Sun's & Alphas)

Just a side on the the Sun, Alpha Unix port discussion....

As most of you probally know, I have the pleasure of 'maintaining'
the linux benchmarks for a couple of years. We have *not* seen
evidence, to date, that the UNIX port(s) to Alpha is 'so hot', and
I'm not just speaking in terms of linux here, because people
send Suns, Alpha/Foo, HP-UX, SGI, benchmarks as well.

The performance numbers for the Pentium Pro have been coming in
( and the results are
very exciting. UNIX ports to Intel architecuture are much more
mature than Alphas ports (goes without saying) and the P Pro
numbers are comparable to Alpha.

Don't, however, take my word for it.... Check out the benchmark
collection and feel free to run the test suite (also on the
server) on 'Your Platform of Choice with GCC Compiler'.

As most here know and understand, bare metal CPU Spec numbers do
not necessarily translate to a fast kernel or networking code, etc.



This not just true for UNIX, a good friend of mine works out at Microsoft
on the NT development team. He claims they've been seeing similar
numbers on Alpha and Pentium Pro machines under Windows NT.

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