MAE-West is up again ( RA Contract Value )

gee bill, accusing AVI of muck raking? must have been confusing him with

  Nope... You look very different.

so let me rephrase avi's question:

what is the RA paying each NAP owner now?? this should be publicly
disclosable since it is paying with federal funds. Right? seems to me
the important question is whether anyone is out of line NOW.

  Check the published rates from the NAP Operators sales force
  and/or Web pages.


> disclosable since it is paying with federal funds. Right? seems to me
> the important question is whether anyone is out of line NOW.

Sounds like it's FOIA time Gordon!


oh come on Doug! I have learned a few things in the five years I have
been doing my newsletter and one is that the baseball bat should be used
until other efforts have failed.

I would like to see what is on those web sites as to current prices and if
I didn't have two consulting seminars with two huge players to get
battened down in the next week, I'd take the time to do it myself. i'd
certainly like to see the data. If anyone has it handy I wish they'd post
it.....but if they don't I'll let this issue hang for a bit. I hate to
admitt it but for the moment earning some good dollars comes first.

Hmmmm... freudian garter, Gordon?


call it what you will! I meant to say **not** used until other efforts
have failed. in the meantime, bill has just about stated that current rates
are on web pages. As i said a moment ago it would be nice if someone
would post them.

I have also been told privately by a knowledgable source whom i know well
and trust, that pricing info charged in a federal contract that the
awardee consisders proprietary is NOT FOIAble. If this is an accurate
reflection of reality, then I think the reality sucks.

The NAPs are lacking in any effective oversight and I believe there is the
possibility that some of the providers MIGHT be doing some strange things
with pricing. I have heard some specific complaints about sprint.... but
not in the last 90 days. If others are concerned about this I'd be happy
to have their private mail. Depending on the outcome of that I'd
certainly publish something, *if* there is something to be published.

Please don't ask my definition of effective oversight. At the moment i
haven't got one.

The FOIA may be viewed as a bat, but that is unfortunate. Public access
to government information is vital to our democracy and laws like the FOIA
and their state/local equivalents are important. There use in situations
like this is only a reflection on the agency being 'queried'.

I believe that public access to government information will become one of
the greatest sources of 'influence' for us 'netizens'. Bravo for priming
the pump...

Doug Tooley (not the Doug below)