MAE-West is up again ( RA Contract Value )

> > Just as a datapoint, one of them had set inital pricing
> > at $60,000.00 per MONTH per connection. They have been
> > talked down from that number, but it still would eat
> > that paltry 10M award in much less than 5 years.
> >
> > --bill
> Which one?

  Muckracking? Is this really germain to the topic? I don't
  think so.


Well, I'm sure it's of interest to the NANOG community - and is germane
to the topic of RA placement (if a NAP operator is trying to block placement
of RA machines).

Anyway, it's not a critical request-for-information, I was just curious.


gee bill, accusing AVI of muck raking? must have been confusing him with

i think his question is very relevant......

how bout phrasing it differently? if ameritech, pac bell, mfs, or sprint
initially clueless (greedy?) enough to ask for $60,000 a month I can see
why you might like to decline to embarrass the offender.... - *IF* such
entity has become more reasonable in the meantime.

so let me rephrase avi's question:

what is the RA paying each NAP owner now?? this should be publicly
disclosable since it is paying with federal funds. Right? seems to me
the important question is whether anyone is out of line NOW.