mae-west congestion

Matthew Kaufman writes about the Ames FDDI ring saturation:

What I don't understand is why that has _stayed_ saturated... it seems to me
that some of the big players would have rerouted their traffic by now to avoid
subjecting it to this, which would also have the side effect of causing the
problem to, at least for the short term, go away.

...or why MFS hasn't installed a Gigaswitch there, or whatever. We're seeing
20% - 30% packet loss through AGIS to MCI and Sprintlink during the day, and
it's not fun.

... and the major contributors to this
traffic must be getting complaints from their own customers about how their
packets are being routed via a lossy interchange point.

As a customer, I've complained to my contributor. But I get the
impression that everyone thinks it's everybody else's problem. Who's
really responsible? And why did it have to get this bad?

Peter Kaminski, NanoSpace

isn't agis on the mfs side and mci+sprint on the nasa side? (i know that
net99 was/is on the mfs side, but i dunno if agis is using their cage or
have a different one)

are the two 'sides' of mae-west still connected by only a ds3?