MAE West congested again?


At you will find a
connection map dated Sept 18.

This was the map I looked at. What's changed is that it no longer
differentiates connections to the NASA Ames and San Jose switches, which I'm
pretty sure it used to. I think the map's first column used to read something
like "MFS-Giga" and "Ames-Giga" which made it immediately obvious which
switch someone was connected to. It isn't so obvious any longer...

If you can share more information about the end to end path you
were testing, I could shed more light on it.

Steve Feldman's message explained the source of the congestion, and my
question was really motivated by my (apparently erroneous) belief that the
pair of OC-3 circuits was congesting.

I do gather from Steve's message that data is clocked out of the Gigaswitch
ATM interface at 100 Mbits/sec.

Thanks for the response Pushpendra.

best regards,