In some sense I beleive that operation of exchange points is no longer
in WorldComs financial interests. It might make much more sense to have
potential exchange customers just become UUnet clients. In many cases this
is true.

And there is the fact that the other side of MAE-LA, at ISI and called
LAP, has not promoted its facilities. The costs are reasonable, there is
some space for colo., mulitple fiber providers, in fact, most fo the
same facilities as PAIX.

But there is also a lack of promotional activity here, with much of the
thought going into integration of the LAP components with an Internet-2
gigapop. As far as I can tell, there are only a couple of sites where
these two features will come together, all on the west coast (and none in
the Bay Area!)

So, if there are folks who want MAE-LA or LAP connectivity, its there.
There are several large players there, although none of the "big-boys"
are present. I'm not sure we want them... :slight_smile: We've got full routes,
robust connectivity, decent infrastructure support (DNS, multicast, etc.)
and push about 50-70Mbp/s in the "standard" 5min. snapshots.

If you want a pointer for more info (on LAP stuff) then let me knwo,
and I am sorry for the quasi-commercial content.

Is the check in the mail, Bill?

-- jra