As one whose packets generally go to the rest of the world via DREN/MAE-East
(except when DREN decides to black hole the packets at NCCOSC in San
Diego; ugly comments about idiots who use IGRP as IGP in a backbone with
cycles and about the same idiots who think IGRP is an EGP deleted here),
I'd like to note that I see a couple of kinds of problems far too regularly
at MAE-East.

The first problem is high packet loss (most usually during US East Coast
regular business hours; I try to avoid work at other times, not always

The second problem is route flapping (most usually between nodes in
the domain). Route flapping has not been as much of a problem
for me personally as the packet loss has been.

Methinks that MAE-East would benefit from additional examination by
the folks who look after it to see if my personal experience reflects
personal bad luck or whether their might be an actual fixable problem