MAE-east weirdness

Sprint has nothing to do with the loops. Gordon -- you
as a practioning journalist should know better than to
trust "information" of hear-say, particluarly when the
source explicitly disclaimed any first-hand knowledge.

Sprint customers are informed about scheduled maintenance
and outages by means of a special mailing list.


Did this happen on Friday? If so I heard from a directly knowledgeable
source that there was a power failure in Dallas that affected the MFS pop
there and that MFS had to bring in a truck with generators to get the
node operational again. If this is correct wold the looping be really
blamable to either UUNET or Sprint?

huh? shto vy govorite vadim??

The source claimed to be DIRECTLY knowledgeable. And if you read more
carefully you should see that I was asking a question and that my
question implied that sprint was blameless. I think there is a
disconnect somewhere in our communication.....

please take this all to com.priv,, or wherever. the 'o' in
nanog is for *network* operations, not social operators.