MAE-East update

Does anyone know if DEC manufactures the gigaswitch itself, or
is it OEM'd, and from whom?

DEC manufactures it. (I doubt if anyone, anywhere else, still has an ECL fab
that can make what a GIGAswitch has inside it.)

Y'know, for a long while we've been happy with FDDI for interconnects since
it was the fastest non-ATM LANish thing available and it had a decent sized
MTU. But FDDI is in end-of-life and I sure am glad that DEC announced plans
to build gigabit ethernet switches. <clink> here's to 10 more years of non-
junk interconnect hardware.

Then you should know that DEC does not manufacture their
GIGAswitch/Ethernet. They OEM the Cajun P550 switch from Prominent. DEC
has added software support for hunt groups between their new Fast Ethernet
card for the GIGAswitch/FDDI and the GbE switch.


Which they're selling to Intel, now, right?

-- jra