Mae-East instability

Date: Thu, 20 Jul 1995 14:26:48 -0400
From: Curtis Villamizar <>

The July 18 problem was mostly concentrated over one 3.5 hour period
of continuous flap.

  Jul 18 07:19:28 to Jul 18 10:52:30 (122:47 / 213:02) took 50 hits (57:00) took 41 hits (62:31) took 17 hits (34:19)

Any clues from NASA and ESNET as to why this instability occurred at
Mae-east? Was this some form of BGP meltdown or just hardware trouble
at or getting to the Mae?

On the morning of July 18 there was a hardware failure at MAE-East
that kept breaking off the BGP sessions every 2-5 minutes. This took
place from about 4:00 until about 8:30 am. The report we recieved back
from SURAnet was that MFS ended up simply power cycling the Netedge

Sessions with all peers except ICM and one of the PSI routers were

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