Mae-East instability

Some of our peers have been dropping BGP a bit more often lately.
Somebody had a real bad day on Tuesday.

    Jul.18: 1:35:13
    Jul.18: 1:23:29
    Jul.18: 0:59:05
    Jul.18: 0:08:56 sl-mae-e-F0/

Here's a list giving the number of disconnects (where there were
5 or more disonnects per day). The majority of flapping seems to be
at Mae-East and Mae-West.

  date peer hits

      Jul 18 8 NY NAP
      Jul 18 72 MaeE
      Jul 18 34 MaeE
      Jul 18 56 MaeE

The July 18 problem was mostly concentrated over one 3.5 hour period
of continuous flap.

  Jul 18 07:19:28 to Jul 18 10:52:30 (122:47 / 213:02) took 50 hits (57:00) took 41 hits (62:31) took 17 hits (34:19)

Any clues from NASA and ESNET as to why this instability occurred at
Mae-east? Was this some form of BGP meltdown or just hardware trouble
at or getting to the Mae?