Mac compatible SFP+/XFP programmer

Does anyone know where I might find a SFP+/XFP programmer with a Mac compatible programmer application?



Flexoptics seems to do the trick but via a Web browser :

From what I've heard, this thing does the Job.

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A couple of months ago I purchased a Flexbox V3 and a pile of SFP and SFP+ for $dayjob. The parts arrived in less than a week and the Flexbox V3 (and webapp) works well with our Macs.

We are a satisfied customer.


I can attest to the quality of the Flexbox. It is fantastic! All of our
employees have Mac's and they work great.

Originally you had to use Java in FireFox to make it work, but they now
have a "Chrome app" that works in Chrome which is even easier (don't have
to get the right Java version loaded and click through a million security

The workflow for how the box works is fantastic- You just go to their
website and plug in the box and the UI is fully web based. The benefit
here is that they are constantly updating different programming profiles
for different manufacturer quirks. As soon as they make a change, it is
available to you from the UI. If you run into any issues with optic
compatibility, they can whip up a new profile and have it available
immediately (not that I have actually had any issues, but I did have them
add some XFP MRV profiles for me). It will also show you the history of
any optic you have programmed which is nice I guess.

The down side is naturally that I think it only works with their branded
optics and also they are in control (i.e. if they decide to discontinue the
service, or if you have no net access you are out of luck, but come on, we
are all network engineers - finding Internet is not exactly hard). :wink:


I can also suggest you the Multi-Fiber-Tool from Solid Optics:

Works great but I've never tested it with an Mac ... MacOS is at least listed as supported.

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+1 on the Flexoptix Flexbox.

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This looked kind of promising, but very limited info on their website, especially pricing. I called and found that it ONLY works with Solid Optics transceivers, and once you buy it at pricing from $600 to $900, you then have to pay $300 per year or it becomes a (relatively small and ineffective for use with anything bigger than a skateboard) wheel chock.